Welcome to Lasik Eye Center. We are committed to providing you the highest quality of care and service. Our staff is dedicated to thoroughly informing you about the risks and benefits of the Lasik procedure. Although no one can guarantee a Lasik outcome, the Education and Experience of the surgeon along with the Equipment used by the surgeon is very important to providing a successful outcome.

Lasik Eye Center has three centers, near Downtown, Cerritos and Torrance. Dr. Lee has excellent yelp reviews. Dr. Lee will guarantee in writing that not a single review posted for Dr. Lee on Yelp.com for Lasik Eye Center has been written by Dr. Lee, his friends, employees, or relatives (as of this writing — October, 2014). Yes, some of those patients have become Dr. Lee’s friends, but not before they had lasik by Dr. Lee. (On July, 2010 — One friend left a review on Yelp.com).

CLEAN RECORD: Dr. Lee has performed over 70,000 Lasik cases in the past 17 years. Since Dr. Lee founded Lasik Eye Center, he has not had a single lasik claim, lawsuit, or settlement from one of his patients. No other Lasik surgeon in California claims to have performed this many consecutive cases without a single lawsuit, claim, or settlement. Dr. Lee’s excellent record is a combination of his education, experience, judgment, knowledge of his equipment and attention to detail.

ATTENTION TO DETAIL: Dr. Lee has personally calibrated the laser for every patient he ever performed Lasik for, aside from his time in fellowship. Dr. Lee has personally washed the Lasik instruments for every patient he has ever performed Lasik for, aside from his time in fellowship. Dr. Lee has personally input the data into the computer for every patient he has ever performed Lasik for. No other doctor in California can claim to have performed the above for 65,000 lasik cases.

 Please note that lasik consultations are free;  however, if you have previously had refractive surgery (lasik, prk, or rk), there is a $150 charge.  Second opinions often take more time for the surgeon and staff and it is routine in the refractive surgery industry to charge for second opinions.  Thank you for understanding.

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