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SmartLife Lenses


Today’s mobile technology and on-the-move lifestyles are stressing our eyes. Frequent gaze changes to and from smart devices can lead to eyestrain. SmartLife lenses are specially designed to support quick and easy peripheral vision for all-day comfort.

Benefits of SmartLife Progressive Lenses

  • More comfortable digital device usage
  • Most natural vision for both day and night
  • Up to 50% larger areas of clear vision
  • Maximum optical performance without compromising frame choice

All clear SmartLife lenses include UVProtect Technology.

Available here at Lasik Eye Center

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DriveSafe Lens


No matter what type of driving you do, seeing clearly can be challenging for almost any driver. Driving is hazardous enough without also having to worry about your vision.

Ask yourself:

  • Is it hard for you to see objects quickly when driving in low light conditions like rain, twilight, or night?
  • Are you bothered by glare from oncoming headlights?
  • Do your current glasses give you problems when scanning the road, mirrors, and dashboard?

Don’t compromise your safety with eyeglasses that don’t provide the best possible vision on the road. ZEISS, the leader in precision optics for over 165 years, has a new solution for you – DriveSafe.


Benefits of ZEISS DriveSafe

01. Better vision in low light conditions.
02. Reduced glare from oncoming car headlights and street lights.
03. Clearer viewing of the dashboard, rear-view and side mirrors, and the road ahead.
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Outdoor Lens Solutions


Our relentless pursuit of perfect vision doesn’t stop with clear lenses. All of our outdoor lens solutions provide FULL UV400 PROTECTION.

We offers a full range of polarized lenses, high-performance Sport wrap lenses and a broad range of tints and mirror coatings.

Whether your patients need sun solutions for fashion, safer and more comfortable driving, an active lifestyle, or just plain convenience, We have you covered.


ZEISS Outdoor Lens solutions go the extra mile, protecting eyes from UV radiation all the way to 400 nanometers. Make sure you provide your patients with Full UV400 Protection from ZEISS.


Available here at Lasik Eye Center

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Sport Lenses.


For the really active lifestyle ZEISS Sport Lens designs offer the ultimate combination of thin lenses with outstanding optical clarity and full UV400 protection.

ZEISS Sport wrapped sunglasses provide:

  • Protection from all sides and angles against UV rays and elements like wind, glare, and water
  • Stylish and functional looks without compromising peripheral vision
  • Minimized blur and distortion while still reducing edge thickness

Active outdoor enthusiasts can benefit from polarization as well as a good outdoor mirror coating. For these active patients we suggest DuraVision Mirror in Green, Red, Silver, or Strong Blue.

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Polarized Lenses.


When it comes to sunlight reflections – especially on roads and windshields – the right Rx lenses can make all the difference between a pleasant drive and a dangerous one. ZEISS polarized lenses with PolarUV Film Technology provide 99.9% polarized efficiency 2 and full UV400 protection.

Polarized lenses

Polarized lenses provide:

  • Glare-free vision
  • Sharper color perception
  • Full UV400 protection
  • Greater visual confidence for driving and outdoor activities
  • Attractive grey, brown, or Pioneer Green options on all popular lens materials
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The ZEISS Outdoor Lens portfolio offers excellent wrapped and tinted lenses combined with special coatings to suit every need.


ZEISS Outdoor Lens portfolio
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i.Scription® Technology


i.Profiler®plus not only provides you a better prescription, it gives you access to an optimized individual lens solution with i.Scription technology for improved color and contrast vision as well as improved night vision. i.Scription involves an innovative patented algorithm which combines the subjective refraction values with the i.Profilerplus and ocular wavefront aberrometry data to calculate an individualized prescription to 1/100th of a diopter – especially for lower light situations.

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Better night/low-light vision


Looking directly at a light source at night, such as car headlights, results in glare and halo effects. i.Scription technology reduces image noise.

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Better visual contrast


Seeing contrast, such as white letters on a black background, is especially challenging for the eyes. i.Scription technology sharpens contrast.

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Better color vision


i.Scription technology adds more brilliance to life and lets lens wearers see colors as they really are: bright and more intense.

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Don’t risk your eye health. Protect your eyes.

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